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You can catch up with what is being said in the local press here. These articles are full of really useful tips and advice to help you make to most of your bathroom. Whether you are thinking about a complete new makeover, or simply feel like updating your colour scheme, there's oodles of help and pointers on these pages. We also bring you the very latest in interior design trends to keep you up to speed on what is in vogue each season. There's plenty here to fire your imagination.

Winter Warmers
November 2016
Hot bathtubs

It’s that time of year again when we most welcome a relaxing soak in the bath. With our hectic lifestyles, a pampering zone that cleanses the body and mind ticks all the right boxes. Imagine sliding into a hot bath surrounded by gentle bubbles that knead your aching muscles, while exotic scents and gentle music help you put the stresses of the day aside.

While it’s true that many people enjoy the ease of hopping into a shower as part of their morning routine, you are still likely to find at least one bathtub in just about every home.

Trés chic!

Freestanding baths are becoming ever more popular, as they enhance the sense of space creating a chic, instant boutique feel. Set against a dark wall, a modern roll-top bath, with elegant rounded clean lines, creates a stylish focal point. Add a chandelier above for understated elegance.

Always in vogue

Cast iron baths are timelessly fashionable and perfect for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Heavyweight enamel interiors and simple to paint exteriors allow you to easily add a personal touch.

Soothe yourself

From ancient Egypt and Greece, to India and the Roman Empire, the uplifting powers of bathing in water energised with air have long been recognised. A whirlpool bath adds a whole new dimension to the relaxation a bath can bring. Bubbly air jets deeply massage your back as the warm water soothes tired muscles.

A whirlpool bath doesn't need any additional plumbing because installation is exactly the same as a conventional bath. All that's necessary is for a qualified electrician to carry out the connection of the whirlpool pump to the ring main.

Slip into something comfortable

An uber-modern take on an old-fashioned bathroom fixture is a slipper bath, providing you with that little extra touch of pampering. Its slipper-like shape gently slopes upward at the opposite end to the taps, providing a convenient place to rest your head as you relax.

Space saver

For small bathrooms, a corner bath is the perfect choice and is often a space saver solution. The Duravit Paiova bath takes the traditional design of a corner bath to a new dimension, allowing two people to sit comfortably side by side.

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