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Villeroy Boch New Tradition bathroom tiles

Dramatic, contemporary, traditional, quirky, bold, understated – the wall and floor coverings you choose will not only transform your bathroom but reflect your tastes too.

Bold black and white is a popular choice and gives a very contemporary feel. Using bold, striking colours can be an extremely effective way of giving your bathroom a distinctive edge.

If you'd sooner tone things down a little, then texture is the key to achieving a natural feel. Tactile materials such as wood and glass help to create a wonderfully relaxing, spa-like ambiance.


In addition to the fantastic ranges of tiles now available, you can now choose wall panels which come in several finishes - acrylic, glass, artisan, modern, traditional and natural. Wall panels can work out cheaper and quicker to install than tiling, as you don't have to use a specialist tiler to fit them.


Colour is key. Whether you go for a bold statement or just a splash, tiles can brighten up the drabbest of bathrooms.

Villeroy Boch X Plane grey 3

Designer approach

Tricks of the trade

Create a dramatic look by using a strong panel of vibrant colour like hot red or tangy orange - these fiery colours bring zest and warmth and are back in a big way in bathrooms. If used sparingly against a sleek white bathroom it creates an up-to-the-minute modern contemporary feel.


Ceramic tiles are popular because of the astonishing range of colours, shapes, patterns and textures.

Porcelain tiles share the elegant nature of china earthenware with ceramic's durability and hardness, which renders them very moisture resistant. This is why bathrooms often feature porcelain tiles.

Limestone is cool and elegant and large flagstones work well in classic or contemporary surroundings.

Marble is the epitome of luxury. This cool stone with its rich veining, subtle patterning and often vivid colours always makes a statement.

Slate comes in a range of beautifully dramatic colours and has a combination of hardness, durability, excellent performance and natural beauty, making it an ideal material for flooring.

Glass creates a feeling of space and light and is very fashionable with all manner of colours available to add instant appeal to your bathroom environment.

Villeroy Boch New Tradition bathroom tiles in black white

Large format tiles remain on trend with the 300mm x 600mm rectangular tiles being a particularly popular choice. There is also a trend towards even larger format tiles (600mm x 600mm and even 900mmm x 300mm) which both complement the geometric, square shaped baths and basins currently in vogue.

Villeroy Boch Mosaic tiles

Mosaics are tiny tiles, available in hundreds of colours and finishes. They look tricky to apply, but they actually come in sheets with a mesh back for simple application. They look effective when used to create a coloured border against a background of pure white.


Choosing tiles for wall or floor covering brings a number of benefits. They are hygienic, having the ability to prevent humidity and the colonisation of germs. They are also odour free.

Wall panels are available with a patented antibacterial coating. And since they don't need grouting, they're very easy to keep clean.

For anyone suffering with asthma or allergies, tiles are ideal, as they don't harbour dust mites or pollen, as well as being resistant to any kind of contamination. What's more, they don't fade and can withstand water.

Remember, at Willbond we are renowned for knowledgeable and friendly staff who are available to advise you. So, whether you are looking for something contemporary or classical, we'll guide you towards your dream bathroom.

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